Sunday, March 20, 2011

A New Direction for MoreGreen4ME

I have stepped away from this blog for quite a while, and I have been considering lately what, if anything, I want to accomplish with it. While I think that the money savings aspect is useful, I think there are plenty of resources out there that get into this area in a lot more detail than I am able or willing. The topics that interest me most are more thought provoking and are more related to sustainable living, environmental issues, conservation and also household money savings. The thing is that I believe all these topics are very much related. Now that I have that out, here is what you can expect from this blog in the future:  Posts that promote breastfeeding and cloth diapering, and why they are important not only for kids but also for the environment (and perhaps the economy); tips on how to save gas and energy; kid-friendly activities; the occasional crafty project (sewing can be VERY economical on the household budget); a yummy recipe here and there; promotion of green products; review of products that are ecofriendly/time saving/money saving, and occasionally a giveaway here and there.  You can expect to read about my personal efforts to become part of a more sustainable, ecofriendly and budget-conscious household, what obstacles I encounter along the way and how I manage to engineer a solution, adapt my behavior or select a different solution to my projects along the way. I will not make daily posts. I do expect to post at least once a week, perhaps more. I hope that you will find this blog to be useful and thought inspiring, and please share us with your friends.

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